Why Trust Us

We have more than 15 years of experience in website design & development and during this tenure,we have worked with more than 50 web hosting companies across the world to host our simple/CMS/ecommerce/multi-lingual/portals & other websites.We realised that a bad web hosting choice can turn into a nightmare for you,especially if your business revenue relies solely on your website.So,we decided to help webmasters by providing them with un-biased reviews of some of the best web hosting service providers.

Of course, we do get incentives when we recommend their services to you,but our primary goal is still to help you in choosing best web hosting company for your website.Not only this,if you signup with any of the web hosting companies listed on our website through our links,we can also assist you in deployment & configuration of your website on the new server.

Best8Reviews is here to help you choose the web hosting service for your new website. Having investigated all the main hosting companies, our expert team have come up with this definitive list. Choose your favorite & launch your site today!

How do we compare & choose the web hosting providers

Although there are several parameters on which we compare the web hosting companies and list them on our website,we have mentioned few of those check-points below:

1) Support

As we all know that one of the most important qualities which a webmaster needs from the web hosting company is 24/7 support either in form of chat,phone or email.Therefore,we make sure that we pick only those web hosting companies who have excellent support so that you don't face any technical issues related to your website performance.

2) Affordability

We understand that your budget may not be high for your first online venture,therefore we try to list affordable web hosting services for your business so that you can register your domain/hosting with them at lower costs.You will notice that the lowest package which we have listed on our website is from iPage who charge as low as $2.25/mo. which is really affordable for a new business/website owner.

3) Features

Other than excellent support and affordable price,a web hosting company must also provide latest features so that your website could be easily configured on those servers.All the companies that we have listed on our website provide advanced features which includes but are not limited to interactive control panel,open sources integration like Wordpress/Joomla etc.,PHPMySQL etc.